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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Science Journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today's slime experiment on Mr Anderson, I placed myself on relational for gathering data and inferencing because I observed how some of the slime was liquid and the rest of it was thick and chunky. This means that the secret is to have enough water and not too much cornflour.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
After our balloon rocket experiment I observed and inferred how the balloon could travel upwards on an angle. From this I observed the balloon could travel upwards because the air is trying to escape quickly. I wonder if my inference was correct. 

Week 3: drag - balloon Rocket experiment
When we put a piece of paper on the front of our balloon rocket, I observed how the balloon traveled smoothly across the fishing wire, but it was only a small piece of paper. When we did the same experiment with Mrs Pageot just with a bigger piece of paper the rocket didn't move. I think the balloon and paper crossed the fishing wire smoothly because the piece of paper had no effect.

Week 4:Trebuchet
This week we made observations on a trebuchet. I observed when we had eleven led bars in the counter weight the projectile didn't go as far as having nine led bars. I think this happened because the counter weight to come down quickly. Another observation I made was that  thirteen led bars with a heavier projectile went further than thirteen led bars and a lighter projectile. I wonder how big trebuchets can get.
My data gathering is relational because I'm confident my observations are correct.
My inferences are relational because my inferences are correct.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Social sciences reflection

At the start of the of the term I was multistructural at being a responsible citizen because I sometimes forgot to be a helpful bystander and pick up rubbish.

Now I'm relational and extended abstract at being a responsible citizen because I always turn up on time for music and I coach children younger than me.

This term I was coaching years 2,3 and 4. When I first realised coaching is something a responsible citizen does, I was surprised but then I realised if you coach you share your skills.

My project helps others to  be responsible citizens by sharing my football skills so then they can coach my skills to others then children keep learning new skills.

My challenges were arranging the times and the bad weather. But arranging the times was the big problem- we had to rearrange times a lot.
Overall I think my project went well. Although we faced some problems we still got our project finished.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Are you a responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen? A  responsible citizen has an important role in making our community safe,strong and clean. One of the qualities are being a helpful bystander. A helpful bystander stops problems,cares and keeps the community safe. If this quality was missing, the world would be a problem because helpful bystanders won't stop the big problems. Someone I notice doing this is Mr Anderson because he stops problems and keeps our school safe.

A responsible citizen also cares for people, equipment, animals and so on. If this role was missing we wouldn't have pets, equipment and everyone would be sad. Someone I notice doing this is Mrs Pageot because she cares for people and equipment.
 In conclusion,  you are a responsible citizen if you are caring and a helpful bystander and make the community a better place.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Going hard out at football

Even when it's a cold and raining winter morning, I still love going to football. I put on my team uniform and boots.Sometimes I have a hot chocolate before I go. Once we arrive at the park we warm up so our bodies work properly. Once were stuck into the game I tackle, handle, kick, run everything. Even getting kicked in the shin doesn't stop me.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I Am A Toyota Hilux

I am a Toyota Hilux, that works hard and gets things done.
I am a skyscraper seeking ideas, trying to push the limit.

I am a helpful bystander, making a difference in the Community.
I am a juicy apple, powering me to the max.

I am a rap, filled with juicy meat.
I am adidas, shoes taking me on adventures.

Ko Solomon ahau.